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I’ve been so lucky to have had all the wonderful experiences in my life so far, and I have acquired many layers as an artist, photographer and educator over the years. I find myself attracted to warm, hazy sunsets, sharp black and white old school pics, and details…small details, any details, I obsess over the little things that are easily overlooked during the chaos of a wedding day or portrait session. My soul was made to capture the beauty of life through photography, it’s the perfect blend of science and art!

Over a decade ago (I feel old) I started off studying art and classical history at Penn State University. I then got my Masters in digital art history at Duke, and I am now finishing up my PhD in Integrated Arts Education at “The” Ohio State University (click here to view my academic portfolio). For a few years in between school, I lived and worked out in Los Angeles in film and tv (click here to view my TV/Film portfolio) and worked abroad in Egypt as an excavation site photographer for several summer seasons….I miss those SoCal sunsets and clear starry nights over the Nile River Delta <sigh>…

Luckily, my wonderful and very patient husband keeps me grounded (and motivated), and has been so supportive during this crazy ride. We have a fur-baby Frankie who is a crazy 2 year old mutt and ball of energy (and I’m borderline obsessed with him). I am also in love with owls, anything Harry Potter, and 18th & 19th century period British films and novels. My go-to favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice (so it’s safe to say I’m a hopeless romantic)… There is certainly never a dull moment in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!